Web services

Web services

If I want to define web services, I would say web services are information exchange system that enables communication among applications through the internet. Before internet revolution, there was no interaction between application like they have now. Let’s think about 80’s, if you want to create human resource software, you wouldn’t want to communicate with other applications through the internet, because there is no need. Each software has a sole purpose and if they work with certain computers very well, they would be considered ok.  So we have many devices now, and if you develop an application, you will want to attract many users.

Since we have many devices like smartphones, computers, and game consoles nowadays, making your application available on different platforms is a brilliant idea. So let’s investigate how to create a web service.

You can develop RESTful web services using these frameworks;

Before frameworks, creating web services are very tough; however, this thing is not tough anymore thanks to web service creation frameworks. In this blog post, we will use Spring Boot Framework because it is one of the easy frameworks to create web service and also it contains embedded Tomcat server.

Let’s start with cloning sample spring boot application from this link. When I was writing this blog post, 1.5.7 version was long-term supported version but it might be upgraded now.




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